About Us


Tala Baby was developed with the birth of our twins. While I was pregnant, I tried to buy clothing for them that was more than just cute... but I quickly realized, that they didn't exist. I wanted something that would help me teach them the morals and values that my husband and I believe in. I wanted something purposeful and meaningful. So I created it. 

You may be wondering where the name Tala Baby came from. I wanted the name of the company to reflect how I wanted parents and babies to feel as a result of their interaction with our brand - Happy. With that, I set out to find as much about happiness as possible and discovered that according to the World Happiness Report published by the United Nations, Iceland has consistently ranked in the Top 3 of all countries in Gross National Happiness. So I began to explore the Icelandic language and found the word Tala, which means, "To Speak", which is exactly the action I want to en gender with these items. 

Tala Baby is more than clothing, it's a chance for you "To Speak" positivity into the lives of your children. "To Speak" your morals and values into their spirits. "To Speak" words of affirmation to which they can cling. I, along with my husband - who is an Educator of nearly 20 years, developed the Tala Baby Clothing, Cards and Accessories as tools for you to create those Beautiful, Teachable Moments with the Little Ones in your life. 

So thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives and we hope you love these as much as we do! 

XOXO & Love always, 

The Chea Family

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